Services Provided By Senior Living Memory Care Facilities

Why Choose a Memory Care Facility?
When the time arrives for placing your loved one in a memory care facility, you’ll want to know how they assist with care and the overall daily operation of a nursing facility.

Caring for Memory Care Residents

Memory care living communities allow their residents to feel at home. They offer daily living activities such as bathing, hygiene, and toileting. There’s a laundry service that ensures they have clean clothes every day. The nursing staff is very knowledgeable in their field and the nurse’s aides are ready to provide extensive nurturing care for your loved one’s needs. Nurse’s aides are trained in advanced dementia care. They’re taught how to handle patients with dementia diagnosis both emotionally and physically.

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease affects everyone in a different way. Some people may experience symptoms early in life while others may not have any interaction until they’re elderly, then there are those that may never have it at all.

When Alzheimer’s or dementia occurs it can begin slowly, it can also increase rapidly. Memory Care facilities will provide care to your loved one unconditionally because they understand the stages of dementia and are trained accordingly to the specific guidelines of the memory care senior living home.

There are seven stages of Alzheimer’s during the first stage, individuals may begin to misplace items and forget where they are, they may also forget the names of people they just met or something they just read. staff will keep them engaged in memory games and arts and craft activities to increase their skills and help keep them focused.

As the stages of Alzheimer’s increase patients may begin to loathe the activities they used to enjoy; including talking to friends, going out, even getting dressed, and bathing. This can cause a rift between the patient and the family which is why placing him or her into a memory care facility is well worth the time and effort.

Safety of a Memory Care Facility

Memory Care facilities are generally locked-down units. This means that nobody is allowed to leave or enter without a passcode. Alzheimer’s patients tend to wander and keeping them safe in a secure unit is important to their care plan.

They offer various activities throughout the day and weeks to come such as pet therapy where a dog or cat can give the patients comfort and create a relationship between them. Music therapy is an excellent way to soothe the behaviors of dementia patients. They love to dance to the music and listen to soft tones that can calm them down. These activities can decrease aggressiveness instead of administering psychotropic medication.

Memory Care senior living homes will also offer transportation to and from the doctor’s office. Nurses will keep in close contact with doctors and specialists to ensure the patient’s health is productive. Rehab therapies are provided within the memory care residency; including speech, occupational, and physical. They also offer dietitian services for diabetes and meal plans.

Placing a loved one in someone else’s care can be freighting but it doesn’t have to be with a Memory Care Phoenix facility. They understand and will care for him or her as though they were their own family.

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